Government Of India Stationery House

    Ministry of Urban Development
    3, Church Lane
    Kolkata-700 001

(vi) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control;

Related to the procurement of stationery stores 

   GISO concluded Tender file, Security Deposit/Discharge Register, Office copies of Inspection Notes issued by the Inspection Authority as a token of acceptance of stores, supply performances, complaint if any on quality of stationery stores etc. Register. 

     Related to the supply of stationery stores 

    Copies of Issue Orders for stationery supplies to the respective indentors, records of Military/Civil Credit Note in dispatching of stores through Rail, Railway Receipt Register(RR), Complaints/discrepancies of supplied stores Register, to maintain the records of indents, sanction for drawing of stationery stores etc. 

     Related to the Storage of Stationery Stores.

     Copies of Inspection Notes against the receipt of stationery from the suppliers against GISO/DGS&Ds R/Cs, to maintain the BIN CARD(to show receipt & supply), documents related to the discrepancies of the stores, if any, receiving from the indentors against stationery supplies, Annual Stock Verification Report.

     Related to the Inspection of Stationery Stores

     Office copies of Inspection Notes issued to the supplying firms, copies of Test Report and Inspection Report related to the Inspection of Stationery Stores, to preserve the representative samples drawn from the inspected lots, to keep all documents with follow up action etc. related to the complaint on quality of stores, to keep all required specification of GISO/BIS for stationery stores.

     Related to the Accounts

   To preserve the copies of Voucher for stationery supply(both Paying & Non-Paying) made from Ex-stock of this Organisation, to maintain records related to the payment receipt against voucher from the Paying Indenters, to maintain all records(BIB CARD, Annual Stock Verification Report etc. etc) and Register related to the stationery stores, to maintain records regarding Debit & Credit for Advance Cash Paying Indenters.

    Related to the Administration 

     Service books, Pay Bill Register, documents related to the all sorts of advances made to its staff members, Cash Book Register, Security Receive/release Register, Annual Stock Verification Report, GPF Register, Pension Files, Audit Reports and Paras etc etc.