Government Of India Stationery House

    Ministry of Urban Development
    3, Church Lane
    Kolkata-700 001

(iii): The procedure followed in decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability.


            To procure stationery stores through open general tender as well as operating of the DGS&Ds Rate Contract, the GFR, Delegation of Financial Power Rules and the DGS&Ds Manual etc. are followed .  The CVCs guidelines as being issued time to time in purchasing of Govt. stores are also followed.  While supplying stationery stores to the concerned authorize indentors of this Office, the specified quantity scale as well as rules for Use and Supply of Stationery Stores-1940 as amended till date are also followed.  The tender value for a particular stationery item or group of stationery items is within the financial limit of Rs.50 lakhs are decided by the Tender Committee under the Chairmanship of Controller of Stationery with other members(Dy. Controller, Stationery(Admn), Dy. Controller, Inspection and Financial Officer) in GISO, Kolkata.  The tender values exceeding Rs.50 lakhs are decided by the Ministry on the basis of the tender documents with recommendation of the GISO, Kolkata.  To operate the DGS&Ds R/Cs, total supply orders values under Rs.50 lakhs are placed by the Controller of Stationery and values exceed Rs.50 lakhs are placed with the concurrence of the Ministry of Urban Development.

            The Inspection of stores against GISO concluded contract are carried out by the Dy. Controller, Inspection or his authorized representative at the respective suppliers end on receipt of Inspection Call letter from them.  The samples have on test observed to conform to the specification, the stores are accepted and the acceptance notes (Inspection Note) are issued to the concerned supplying firms against each supply order of a particular contract.   

          The supply of stationery stores as made to all authorized indentors of this organization including RSDs are done either from Ex-stock of this office or by placing of direct supply orders for the stores to be supplied at the concerned consignees end by the supplier.



      Controller of Stationery: Being the Head of the Department is overall charge of this Department.

      Dy. Controller, Stationery(Admn): Being declared as Head of Office is overall charge of Administration including RSDs, Accounts, Purchase, Vigilance, CDN etc.

      Dy. Controller, Inspection: Being declared as Head of Inspection Wing (Inspection of Stationery Stores Authority), is responsible to supervise the quality of stationery stores being procured against this office concluded contract(s), review of GISO /BIS Specification for stationery item(s).  He has been declared to supervise all works related to Supply & Storage of Stationery stores in GISO, Kolkata & its RSDs.

      Asstt. Controller, Stationery(Admn): He is responsible for all sorts of administrative matters including drawing of panel for promotions etc.

      Asstt. Controller, Stationery(Purchase): He is responsible to project the annual demands of stationery stores to be procured, inviting of tender, opening of tender, scrutinizing the Rate Compilation Sheets, purchase proposal, issuance of contracts, releasing of earnest money/security deposit to the respective firms etc.

      Asstt. Controller, Stationery(Supply): To scrutinize the annual indent(s) of the respective indentors, arrangement for stationery supply including dispatches, regularization of excess purchase of stationery stores incurred by the indentors, to issue new sanction to the newly created Govt. organization etc.

      Asstt. Controller, Stationery(Stores): To supervise the stationery stores being received from the respective supplying firm(s) duly pre-inspected either by the GISO Inspection Authority or by the QA of DGS&D, releasing of Inspection Notes with the remarks, if any, towards any discrepancies, if any of the stores.  To supervise the works related to the disposal of stores on the basis of issue orders being issued by the ACS(Supply).  To supervise the works of Store-Keepers, Stationery stores Clg. Br. and Store Administration Section.

      Asstt. Controller, Inspection:To assist the Dy. Controller, Inspection in the matter of reviewing of GISO/BIS Specification.  To carry out the inspection of stationery stores at the suppliers end against GISO concluded contract and to take decision regarding acceptability or otherwise of stores with the concurrence of the DCI, if required so.  To release the I/Notes to the supplying firms.

      Inspector(Testing): To carry out the inspection of stationery stores at the suppliers end against GISO concluded contract and to take decision regarding acceptability or otherwise of stores with the concurrence of the DCI, if required so.  To release the I/Notes to the supplying firms.

      Financial Officer(Ex-Cadre Post):  To supervise the works related to the stationery store accounts, to collect the payments from the authorized paying indentors of this organization against stationery supplies made from GISO, Kolkata/RSDs.  To project consolidated Budget Estimates of this organization for coming financial year and to keep all records related to the expenditure incurred under various heads vis--vis Budget Estimates.  To send all the documents related to the stationery procurements to the P&AO(Ptg) under the Ministry of UD duly authenticated.

      Asstt.Controllers,Stationery,RSDs(Regional Stationery Depots in New Delhi/Chennai/Mumbai): The officers have been declared as Head of the Depot(s) and to supervise all works related to the administration, storage of stationery stores including releasing of the I/Notes to the respective supplying firm, disposal of the same stores to the respective indentors under the jurisdiction of the Depot.