Government Of India Stationery House

    Ministry of Urban Development
    3, Church Lane
    Kolkata-700 001

              (i) Organization, Functions & Duties. 

      The Govt. of India Stationery Office, Head Quarter at 3, Church Lane, Kolkata  700001 with its 3 (Three) Regional Stationery Depots, at New Delhi, Chennai & Mumbai respectively, is a subordinate formation under the Min. of the Urban Development.(Organisation Chart shown in Annexure-A)

      To procure stationery stores(Stationery Vocabulary, Issue Rates & latest stock position shown in Annexure-D) to be used exclusively by all  Central Govt. Ministries/Departments/Offices , etc. including some Govt. of India Undertakings, through Open General Tender(which is to be published through Web-site) as well as operating of the DGS&Ds  R/cs. To supply the stationery stores to its authorized Indentors against their respective Annual Indents either from ex-stock  of GISO, Kolkata / its RSDs or Direct from the Suppliers to Indentors(particulars of procurement activities given in the Annexure-E)

      To process the Annual Indents being received from the Indentors    to accord necessary sanction to obtain stationery supply from this organization   to arrange supply of  stationery  to the Indentors   to procure stationery stores  to conduct the pre-despatch inspection at the suppliers end   to test the representative samples of stationery stores  to store the stationery stores, at the GISO, Kolkata and its RSDs   to collect payments against supplies  from the paying Indentors   to maintain Office Admn. as well as establishment.